DOLOP #121 has arrived

Another recent DOLOP graduate

A 90th Birthday!



He may not look 90 in this photo, but he soon will be — July 1st to be exact. Donna writes “We are having a party for Grandpa Clyde. It looks like about 30 adults and 14 children and babies just on the Johnston side, and several are missing. Our family has certainly been blessed.” Father of five, grandfather of 11, and great grandfather of 15. Congratulations Clyde!

Father’s Day 2013

DOLOP #120 has arrived!




Remembering David and all those who served….


98 and we’re counting

Following in the footsteps…..


Eating off the land

Mike runs again

The forgotten art of writing a letter from home



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The next DOLOP Reunion….Your response please

Goodbye Glen Ivy . . . Hello Orange County

Alice goes to Bakersfield

It’s chocolate!

New members of FarmHandFit

Two old photos from Carol

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