How about cooking 23 turkeys?

More news from the UK . .

Julia writes: Monday, December 02, 2013 Today was the first proper day Joel went to work. TO be honest I was kind of dreading it. We have had such a great time together. Our days were full of opportunity and small adventures, such as learning how to navigate around this crazy place without a GPS,Read moreRead more

News from a DOLOP family in the UK . .

Art by Julia, age 5

Taking a friend for a ride . . .

And the winner is . . .


Two Sisters/Two DOLOPs/Two Authors


Brendon Fairley ordained in Minnesota


Zach Earl, Paramedic and Firefighter

A mountain of nuts

Seven already

A get-together in Fullerton

Oregon weighs in on “mancard”

If you’ve been reading the posting and comments about hunting doves on this blog, then you know where various DOLOPs stand on the mancard issue. See this latest posting from a DOLOP in Oregon.

An Arborist’s Gift

Todd & Trent Dove Hunters

Alan’s Resting Spot

News and photos from Idaho

Grandpa Dean hosts four grand kids

Introducing Mr & Mrs …….

From Southern California to Oregon