1955 pickup rides again

Dean Johnston says, “We wish we could have bought grandpa‚Äôs. His was a 57. Andrew bought this wrecked truck from salvage, when he was 14. He completely took it apart to the frame rails, bought a 80 Chevy 4 wheel drive, swapped frames, painted the cab and ran out of time and money. So it sat in the barn for 15 years”!

Pinecone feeders

Blowing Up Old Blasting Caps

Anna reports on some explosive devices found in the metal tool shed next to the barn.

“Terry saw them in the shed, they were in the original box, clearly labeled.


T called the sheriff cause he knew better than to touch them. He still needs his hands. They came with 1/2 a dozen vehicles including the fire truck and paramedics in case it went sideways. Everything went as planned and the law enforcement guys seemed to enjoy a call that wasn’t about a crime.”

Video of the explosion can be found here: Blasting Caps .



Susan took this lovely picture of Monteen on 4/28/2017.

Portrait of an ancestor

I found this picture of my (G-2) 13th gt-grandfather as I was doing some poking around in the Pteete geneology.  His name is Sir Anthony Wingfield (1475-1552).  Thought you might be interested in seeing it.


Anna took this picture while walking around the Grass Valley property yesterday. This is the dam at the crossing to the lower pasture.


Veterans Day through the Eyes of an Orange County Child

Sophia Spurgeon’s Veteran’s Day Tribute


One of our G-4s, Sophia Spurgeon, wrote this lovely tribute to our veterans.  It was published today in the Rancho Post Gazette.  She wrote:
“Veterans Day is important
because it celebrates the
people who fought in the wars.
By fighting they help protect
America. They also sacrifice
their lives for us. I think
they are all brave & selfless
heroes. All Americans
should be grateful that
they serve America.”

Peter and his Carlos Santana mural