Ice Cream Memories

Today Nolan and I hitched a ride with my mom and dad to visit Uncle Harold before he has surgery on Monday. It was nice to see him again after such a long time, his vision isn’t good but he was able to give Nolan a pat on the head.
After our visit, I dragged my mother and father to Dewar’s. I have decided that when one travels, one must do their best to “use the day” and visit places that might not be seen again for a long time. It’s an important life philosophy. Plus, I love ice cream.IMG_7548 2
We took a number. The parlor was very crowded, but we knew it would be worth the wait. At least I knew it would be. My parents looked skeptical. Mom ordered a black and white, some unholy concoction of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate syrup. Dad got a chocolate malt. I ordered a peppermint ice milk in honor of Grandpa Clyde. I also ordered a large bag of peanut chews for Derrick.
I know that growing up Grandpa Clyde would take me to Dewar’s for having a “clean plate ticket”. A clean plate ticket was always a feat because Grandma insisted on putting too many vegetables on it. I felt the reward was justified at the time, but now I look back and think I was being spoiled with a great meal AND a trip to the ice cream parlor.


I have no idea what I ordered during those trips, but today I made sure to have a Peppermint Ice Milk, capitalized, with two scoops. I thought of Grandpa and our visits there as the mint cleared out my sinuses.
Food memories can be powerful. Mom started to recount Uncle Tim’s delight in Chocolate Malts. I didn’t know this, because I am a young DOLOP who only remembers the fateful day when he stopped calling me a movie star and started calling me a spook. I was thrilled to learn that he would somehow manage to bribe a church member to take him to Dewar’s on the way home after being banned from Chocolate Malts. I don’t know why this knowledge thrilled me, but it did. This got me thinking, how many other family members have specific ice cream orders associated to them? I feel it is imperative that we all drop whatever we are doing and report on the Dewar’s Family Favorites.

Please add this information in the comments. I think knowing one’s favorite ice cream flavor is a window into the soul…or something. Plus, I just love ice cream.
This was Nolan’s first trip out into the great world beyond Fresno. I thought it was a fitting adventure. Plus, there was ice cream.

6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Memories”

  1. My memories of DeWars started in High School. We could walk there during lunch break.
    Lowell was like Clyde, nothing was better than Peppermint Ice Milk!! Whenever we were at Teo

  2. I remember being very small and the family dropping in after church for ice cream and looking at all the animal heads on the walls and listening my dad’s stories of how long they had been there. Hunting, dead animals and ice cream seem pretty incongruous now, but then, having a big horn sheep watching you put away a bowl of ice cream then wandering over to the case that sold the chews……..absolutely normal. Oh,I prefer the peppermint chews over PB.

  3. Peanut Butter Chews!!! Mom had a few over Christmas that got soggy somehow…and I ate them anyway. Worth it.

  4. Thanks JoAnn for the delightful post – and pictures! Funny that their peppermint ice milk (and chews, for that matter) were my favorite also!

  5. I remember quarts of take home peppermint ice milk. Not ice cream, but ice milk. I always thought that was odd and have never seen or heard of it anywhere outside of Dewar’s. But the absolute BEST??? Peanut butter chews! Everything else pales in comparison! That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it!—KL aka Kris

  6. Ahh, Dewar’s memories! Thanks for bringing us back Joann. Even G3’s have fond memories of that wonderful place! GranJan and Grandpa Max rewarded us occasionally with a box of chews. I can’t decide which flavor I loved best, peanut butter I suppose but I wouldn’t trade them for caramel and mint! I’m not picky when it comes to ice cream but I would love to try Uncle Clyde’s mint ice milk! And Uncle Tim, I was dubbed ‘Little Audrey’. Fond memories for sure.

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