Max flew 68 combat missions in one of these


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Ben sent this photo with this message: “We are at the Palm Springs Air Museum, primarily WWII aircraft and history. Amazing museum! Attached is a panorama of Abby, Bella, and Sophia standing under a B-25 bomber.”–Ben


Here is a part of Max’s autobiography that tells us about the B-25 in World War II…..

The first year of WWII was spent in an anti-aircraft battery at the end of the runway at Hilo airport in Hawaii. In January, 1943 I transferred to the Air Corps and started learning how to fly airplanes. The pilot’s wings and the 2nd Lt. bars came in November 1943 in Yuma, Arizona, and from there to Sacramento, California to learn to fly the B-25s. By July I had mastered the aircraft enough to be assigned my own airplane and a crew and orders to fly to North Africa., specifically Oran in Algeria. A superb adventure. We went from Miami to Puerto Rico to British Guiana, across the mouth of the Amazon to Belem, to Natal Brazil, the jumping-off point to cross the South Atlantic to Ascension Island, then to a place in Liberia called Roberts, up to Dakar in Senegal, and across the Sahara to Marrakech in Morocco, then on to Oran.

From here I was sent to the Island of Corsica to be permanently assigned to a medium bomber group in the 12th Air Force. Our job was to interdict the German supply lines to their operation in North Italy. The main objectives were the rail bridges in the Brenner Pass and the river and road bridges in the Po Valley of North Italy. The German anti-aircraft fire was fierce. I survived. By the end of the war in Europe I had flown 68 combat missions, been promoted to Captain, and sent home.

7 thoughts on “Max flew 68 combat missions in one of these”

  1. Wow. It is amazing in and of itself that one could survive the 68 take offs and landing, let alone under combat conditions.

  2. Max was a true hero. After watching those WWII specials with all the war footage, I have a new, profound respect for all our veterans who served. Thanks for sharing the picture and the story.

  3. I miss him, too. Yes, we really appreciate your sharing the picture, Ben, and the memoirs, Uncle Wayne. Perplexing times in this world, then, & now (and always, it seems!) So thankful for each person in my life.

  4. Thanks Wayne and Ben for sharing that news–new to me although I had forgotten it. Thanks be to God that Max survived. When Max returned home safely Daddy told him that all we could do was pray for him.

  5. Thank you for sharing that, Ben & Wayne! Amazing to think about. Miss GM.

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