A Trip to Yosemite


Celia writes:

The end of April Lisa and I , with little Ruby, finished out a trip
Ray & Lisa took over Seiji’s Spring Break, in the Bay Area. April 27th
Ray flew home to Hailey to work, I flew to San Jose and met Lisa, then
we drove the camper van they’d been touring with right over to
Yosemite, where we met up with Susan Purdie, Monteen, Ruth, &
We all enjoyed a visit amidst the towering trees and backdrops of
famed granite heights, along with flowering wild dogwoods at their
peak of bloom.
Then Lisa & I headed to Bakersfield for a quick overnight visit with
Janet, and on home up Hwy. 395. We stopped for a visit with Ray’s
brother Ken in Carson City, then on home to be there to celebrate
(Audrey & Jared’s) Alice’s 2nd year birthday. A wonderful trip. Lisa’
pictures are superior, but these give a hint of what we did!

Thanks again for sharing the anniversary picture! We have a nice photo
here that shows the whole wedding party that day (complete with the
flower girl – me).

Hugs to you both,





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