50 years ago

More memories inside


G-1’s and most G-2’s will remember how Lowery enjoyed reclining on the couch. He knew how to work hard and to rest easy.

3 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. I love the pictures of Jessie & Grannie, with little Paul, and yes, Kris, that certainly was a familiar relaxation pose for Grandpa!

  2. I recognize that couch and lamp – which Audrey & Jared now have, and the old wallpaper and that round kitchen table with a heavy-duty chrome base – no table legs to get in the way. (Don’t know what became of it.) That was the place on Frazier Ave., that my dad built a nice addition onto (a family room/office, bathroom & laundry).

  3. I can see him so clearly relaxing on that lounge outside or inside, on the couch, watching Bonanza or wrestling (wrassling).

    Where was this picture taken?

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