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Julia writes:

Monday, December 02, 2013

Today was the first proper day Joel went to work. TO be honest I was kind of dreading it. We have had such a great time together. Our days were full of opportunity and small adventures, such as learning how to navigate around this crazy place without a GPS, yes we did it old-school and used a paper map. In my opinion we learned a lot more using it as a guide then using the GPS as our brain. Joel and I have really used this short time to truly bond and support each other.  I am very happy in our decision to start our great adventure together, and not send him out first.

We spent Saturday looking at furniture at RAF Mildinhall, it has a large Base Exchange (which is the Air Force’s version of a store like Target). We checked out some couches, which are reasonably priced. It’s interesting how people over here make big purchases; no one has a large truck or van, so everything gets delivered. We also looked at refrigerators, washers and dryers. Another side note, my clothes have shrank two sizes since I have been here, I thought that I was just gaining weight, but I checked a shirt I had washed twice to one I hadn’t worn here yet. The one I had washed had been larger than the other one, now it seems almost a size smaller. I have been told it is because the dryers dry way too hot. Whatever it is, I hope it stops before my clothes disappear! The actual washer is, shocking, very small. Most of the locals hang dry their clothes on a wash line, or on a drying rack by their fires. The fridges are tall and skinny, the fridge spot in our house looked about half as wide as the spots in American homes.  The freezers consist of three pull out drawers, some very in size, but most are all the same depth. I have not seen a freezer with shelves yet.

Back to today: this morning Calla woke up and was UPSET that Daddy had to work, she cried and screamed for a while after he left, at around 7:15. The rest of the morning I spent cleaning our space, while the girls got to play their Kindle Fire’s for 15 mins, then I made them to play together (they don’t do that well after playing with their tablets). They played house in the closet.

The girls are going a bit stir crazy. Our Temporary Living Facility (TLF) is two rooms connected with a kitchenette. It could be way worse, but after our nice sized house in the US, it is a little small for them. Today we walked over to the Lemon Lot ( a place where base members sell their cars), no new ones. There is a park just past it, so we walked over to it. As we walked to it, we met a nice Great Dane named Moose. His owner Fae, was very nice and we chatted and she and Moose walked with us for a while, we might meet up again tomorrow. She and her husband have lived here since March and they both enjoy it here. It’s nice to hear, a lot of people don’t like it because of the weather or it’s too rural or some such nonsense. I, much like Fae, have personally enjoyed myself up to present.  

After Fae went to get her car (which was getting new tires), the kids and I resumed our exploration of Alconbury. We discovered the library, and spent an hour or so playing with puzzles and reading books. We set up library card and checked out a book each. Then we made our way home playing “listen to directions”. This is a game in which I give different instructions on where to run to or walk or hold on to the stroller. They seem to love it, and it makes our walks go by without complaints of being tiered.

We came home and the girls sat down and watched “UP” while I made fried egg sandwiches and put Parker to bed. That has brought us up to present, the rest of my day looks like laundry and coloring. Not bad. Maybe we might sneak another trip to the park in before it gets dark (around 3:30).

Ill let you know our address as soon as we know we have been accepted into our house. It will be super nice to be able to send mail! And receive it too.
Shelley; It will be so nice to Skype with you! I am happy to hear about your IPAD. I think you will really enjoy it!
Sarah; I would love to read your chapter, I will set aside sometime tonight!J

Love and Hugs

Julia and the Fam


I took my driving test, I passed. Not with %100, but I only had to take it two times. Joel was pleased. J

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