Lincoln’s Photos from 2017 Reunion

This link will take you to eight different albums, with dozens of photos. Thanks Lincoln (Ben’s father)! Click on “Lincoln’s Photos from 2017 Reunion” above. and then click on Photos. Oh, yes, you can sign the Guestbook too!

Pinecone feeders

Blowing Up Old Blasting Caps

Anna reports on some explosive devices found in the metal tool shed next to the barn. “Terry saw them in the shed, they were in the original box, clearly labeled.   T called the sheriff cause he knew better than to touch them. He still needs his hands. They came with 1/2 a dozen vehiclesRead moreRead more


Portrait of an ancestor

I found this picture of my (G-2) 13th gt-grandfather as I was doing some poking around in the Pteete geneology.  His name is Sir Anthony Wingfield (1475-1552).  Thought you might be interested in seeing it.


Anna took this picture while walking around the Grass Valley property yesterday. This is the dam at the crossing to the lower pasture. Save

Veterans Day through the Eyes of an Orange County Child

Here is a link to another, different article that showcases Sophia. It also includes a nice picture of David. Well done Soso!

Sophia Spurgeon’s Veteran’s Day Tribute

One of our G-4s, Sophia Spurgeon, wrote this lovely tribute to our veterans.  It was published today in the Rancho Post Gazette.  She wrote: “Veterans Day is important because it celebrates the people who fought in the wars. By fighting they help protect America. They also sacrifice their lives for us. I think they areRead moreRead more

Peter and his Carlos Santana mural

Dear family, You might be interested in looking at these two you tube videos. They’re pretty cool. Turn your sound on to hear Peter. Also, note that it is in two parts.

A very special ride!

September 9th, 2016

Tribute to Max, by David Tanner

Max, by a good friend, David Tanner September 2006 Gray and old and with quavering voice Max lies in his home office in a hospital bed and converses. Lungs that once sucked in the desert air flying over Northern Africa during WW II are now barely functional. Arms and legs once strong and vital haveRead moreRead more

100 Years Young

Honoring a mother and a son

Here are photos from various newspaper articles about Monteen that you must read this Memorial Day weekend as we remember David and celebrate Monteen’s 100th birthday.

Ice Cream Memories

Yard Art Oregon Style

Farewell Dear 2703 19th Street

Max flew 68 combat missions in one of these

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A vegetable garden in White Salmon

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A Trip to Yosemite

A Modern Fairy Tale at 60