W.L. Poteete by Max

W. L. Poteete



Max W. Poteete

Handsome in countenance, narrow face, pleasantly strong chin, grey eyes and brownish wavy hair until his early 50's. Wiry in build, maybe 5'9" tall, 140 pounds plus or minus during his life.

His formal education–to the 4th grade– marginal but likely on a par with his peers that he grew up with. He was an opinionated man. His Bible was marked extensively and the pages were well thumbed. His favorite preachers were the Hell Fire and Brimstone School. Daddy had the common biases and prejudices that can frequently be found in people who have had a limited formal education. For instance, even though on T.V. he saw the astronauts walking on the moon, he said that it really didn't happen.

He found Destiny Magazine , the house organ of British Israel, to be very credulous, but he could not convince Opla of it in any way.

Sentiment and emotion were difficult for him to handle, caused this eyes to glisten and his lips to quiver. A defense for this was a sometimes gruffness or abruptness, that could be "off putting".

February 1992