DOLOP Stories


DOLOPs write wonderful stories....

here are a few.

By and About Monteen

The Teen Years: Monteen describes those difficult teen years.

Monteen Remembers: Growing up in the Poteete household told as only Monteen can tell it.

Tuesday’s Child: On the Occasion of Monteen’s 86th birthday. Jessie celebrates the life of her oldest sister.

Monteen’s Journal: A day-by-day account of the trip Monteen made with Linda & John in July of 2001 to her birthplace, Blairsville, Georgia.

On Mother’s and Daddy’s Birthdays. by Monteen. Sweet memories.

Remembering: By Monteen. Written a number of years ago and sent to Daddy as a Father's Day card. She recited it from memory at the DOLOP Reunion talent show, June 22, 2002, Chowchilla, California.

The Acorn and the Oak Tree: An original poem by Monteen. Written about 1980 and shared at DOLOP Reunion 2006 in Grass Valley, where it was recited by Deanne.

Brief Memories of Grandpa and Grandma Chapman: by Monteen (August 15, 2007). Some random thoughts shared by Monteen.

Poteete Sisters’ Trip to Pismo: by Monteen (February 5-7, 2008). A trip to the coast.

A Home for Everyone: by Monteen on the occasion of Reunion 2012 at Bob’s house in Springville, California. She explains about the logo designed by Lindsey.

By and About Reinette

Remembrances of Mother: by Reinette. Some clues as to why the Poteete Family is so special.

Reinette’s 85th Birthday: This piece was read at Reinette's birthday on October 8, 2002 on the porch at 2703 19th Street as sisters and cousins and friends celebrated the event. By Jessie.

By and About Tim

Autobiography: Tim wrote his autobiography years ago. Included is a section added later which provides additional biographical information.

By and About Max

Unlawful Excursions to the Abbott’s: Max reveals why the neighbors were off limits. Written on the occasion of Jeanne’s 59th birthday.

Pigs: Max tells what Daddy's hobby was at the farm.

Max’s Story: The elder brother has his unique view.

W.L. Poteete: by Max. Profile of a Man.

New Beginnings in Bakersfield: Max remembers the move from Taft to 201 McCord and what the old house looked like before the remodeling.

My Influence: Hilary Bellue, Max's step-granddaughter, shares her insights into her Grandfather's influence on her life.

Max’s Road: The Road Well Traveled: This piece was read at Reunion 2002 in Chowchilla on June 22, 2002 in celebration of Max's 83rd birthday. By Jessie.

Madeline’s Letter to Max: Madeline writes a letter to her grandfather a few days before his passing.

The Military Record of Max Poteete: Max's years during World War II.

By Carol

A Tribute to My Mother and Daddy: Carol shares about her parents at Reunion 2012 in Springville, California.

By Arnold

The Glue: Arnold shares what is unique about the DOLOP Family at the 2000 Reunion.

By Lucille

Columbia River Cruise: Lucille writes about the cruise on the Columbia River taken by Reinette, Ruth, Jeanne and herself.

By Joel

Lighthouse: by Joel. A story in a picture by a very talented DOLOP.

By Joe

Reunion 2012: by Joe. A description of the reunion held at Bob’s house in Springville, April 27-29, 2012.

By Wayne & Jessie

Backcountry Beginnings: An Explanation as to “Why we are the way we are.”

Opla’s Kitchen: Remembering the sights, sounds, and smells of Opla's kitchen. By Jessie.

Our Cousin, Buell: An account of an extraordinary cousin.

Report of Reunion 2008: By Wayne.

By Joe Heitz and Cathie Proffitt

Characteristics of G-1‘s as Expressed by G-2‘s and G-3‘s: Edited by Joe Heitz and Cathie Proffitt, with help from a number of G-2's and G-3's, this piece was read at Reunion 2002 in Chowchilla.

By Peter Lance

My Horrible Morning: Musings from a member of Generation Two as told by Peter Lance


Ditty and Songs: Not all was seriousness in the Poteete household.

Family Larger than the Sum of their Years: Herb Benham, Staff Columnist for The Bakersfield Californian writes an article for the Tuesday, March 26, 2002 issue of the local paper.

By and About Cousins

Robert Purvis’s Anecdotes: A view of the Poteete family from a cousin.

Things Remembered by a Cousin: by Ronald L. Poteete. A DOLOP Cousin shares remembrances of earlier years.

An Operation in the Mountains of Blairsville in the 1920‘s: by Cousin Ronald L. Poteete. Read how his experiences with doctors connect with Martha Alice Davenport Poteete's operation on the kitchen table.

Cousin Neal Remembers W.L. and Opla: Writing from Marietta, Georgia, a DOLOP Cousin, Neal Rucker Poteete Thomason, shares remembrances of Lowery's and Opla's visits to their home state.

Easter Fluff Kills Bluebirds: is an interview in the Orange County Register with Cousin Richard Purvis. To see all six photos, when you get to the article, click on "More Photos" below Dick's picture. Richard is also featured in the Los Angeles Times: Go to A hole lotta love for the Western bluebird. And one more: Los Angeles Times. Also see Providing Homes Away from Home.

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