by Monteen Purdie

(Written a number of years ago and sent to Daddy as a Father's Day card. She recited it from memory at the DOLOP Reunion talent show, June 22, 2002, Chowchilla, California)

Deep and profound were the blessings for me
In living and growing in our large family,
For few can boast of a family so fine
of brothers and sisters and parents like mine.

Our living was rich in wondrous ways
as we struggled and worked through our busy days
With the planting and garnering of
God's good earth
And the cooking and sewing at our humble hearth.

I sometimes long for those long ago times...
With the rooster announcing the dawning day...
With the children gleeful in happy play...
With the dishwashing singing as evening fell...
And the constant ringing of the telephone bell...
With the friendly chatting of relatives and friends so warmly welcomed as they casually dropped in.

And Mother and Daddy, always so strong,
while deep in their hearts
Was a quiet, happy song for blessings
bestowed so lavish and free,
For the joy and love of our large family.

Yes, enshrined in my memory is the home that was ours
Amid the lush green fields, the bright growing flowers....
The burgeoning tree, the ladened vine...
and the tall corn nodding in the warm sunshine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Of such is a bit of the
heritage of this family.

Thank you, Mother and Daddy