Reinette's 85th Birthday

October 8, 2002

In our family of ten children, you, Reinette were destined to have a profound impact on each of our lives even though you never planned it that way, or conceived such a thought in your mind. You did that when you fell in love with, and married Tim.

As circumstances were, we were a family with provincial ways, and were socially clueless. Tim was a family-starved, head-strong orphan who had everything but a family.

The coming together of these two factions had the impact of a boulder being dropped into a placid lake and even now the ripples are moving ever outward.

Through the years you maintained this home place so that in all our lives and travels there has always been a foundation rock of something stable to come back to in order to re-group. Now the grandchildren are beginning to fall into a panic mode because of the thought of things closing down here someday. You have no need to concern yourself about that. You just keep doing things your way and let the balance take care of itself.


cheerful, compassionate, kind

has a sweet spirit

an inquisitive mind


likes religious jewelry and icon art

generous but not to a fault

hates to throw things away

is conservative fiscally and politically

very hospitable to friends or strangers

grew up during the roaring twenties but was not polluted by them

came of age during the Great Depression and never got over it

a take-charge kind of person

doggedly pursues detail

always used recipes when cooking

has probably worked a couple of hundred jig-saw puzzles

has read about 400 novels and doesn't remember any of them

joined the Book of the Month Club before she was married

knew how to read knitting and crochet manuals

willingly takes on new technology challenges

stayed married to Tim 55 years and lived to tell about it

maintains life-long friendships

suffers fools gladly

usually takes the middle of the road on issues (and on the highway!)

favorite color is blue

likes Cadillac cars

loves sweets

made a homey atmosphere wherever they lived

would say "Oh Indeed!" when made angry

enjoyed stalwart health

at one time gave herself injections of insulin as treatment for acne

Best Friends:

Harriet Temple

Nellie Chaffin

Alta Rogers

Beth Hershey

Pearl Sorg

Eloise Hornung

Ethel Barrett

Nina Blackford