Robert Purvis's Anecdotes

We lived across the street from the Poteetes on McCord in Oildale. I was in the 3rd grade at Beardsley School. It was 1941. The year of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I still remember using a sledge hammer to knock down part of the rock wall Lowery was building around the Poteete house. I ran home, and he came across the street and asked me why I did it. I don't think I gave him a very good answer.

I recall that the Poteetes had a dog named Duke that used to fight the Howard's dog. Everyone would run for brooms, water hoses, etc. to break them up. Does anyone remember the roasted goose that Aunt Opla and Grace Purvis (Mom) used to pass back and forth across the street as company came and went? I've often wondered why the goose lasted so long.

Another fond memory is playing baseball in the street. In my era, Carol Poteete was the best hitter on the field. I commented to Richard, my brother, that there must be so many Poteetes and their kin out there, that we've probably done business with them and didn't even know it!