Poteete Sisters' Trip to Pismo Beach
February 5-7, 2008
by Monteen

Our entire time at the coast was truly a heartwarming experience and the luxurious Sandcastle Inn was a perfect place for a family of sisters to be together. The day was sunshiny and clear (although a bit cold). It was the kind of day we hoped it would be for Lucille who was looking forward to an escape from the dismal weather of snow and wetness in Eugene.

We arrived in the early afternoon. The friendly receptionist was greatly interested in having seven elderly sisters (plus our dear sister-in-law) all with white hair and wrinkles as guests. Janet, a bit younger, did not have as much white hair as the rest of us.

From our adjacent rooms on the first floor we looked out to the beautiful blue sky and ocean with it's racing waves breaking a short distance from us. There were a few surfers, sea birds gliding along, a few happy dogs running with their owners, and walkers enjoying the expansive beauty of the seashore. We arrived, having brought an array of snacks and goodies, and Janet brought a five gallon can of delicious oranges from her tree.

We picked up Carol at the bus station - - having come up the coastal route - - just as we drove in to meet her. She took over the driving giving Ruth time to relax. Jeanne and Peggy were late in arriving as they had a long detour, so it was good to have them safely with us.

In the evening we went to an Italian restaurant for a delicious meal, seated at a large round table with baskets of that crusty Italian bread and bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping - - so good. We were in such a festive mood and the filet of sole which most of us ordered was excellent.

Back in our rooms we looked at some post-election news then went to bed, Carol and I slept together, Jeanne and Reinette on the other bed (all queen-sized and very comfortable). In the other room Peggy and Janet were together, as were Lucille and Ruth. The rooms were beautifully decorated with fine watercolors on the walls.

We were so appreciative of the wonderful camaraderie. Carol suggested a time of devotions, a time we entered into with grateful hearts and love. As I sat there in our circle I wished Mother and Daddy could have been with us seeing their family of girls, from 92 down into the 70's and how these girls have matured and how they have so successfully managed their lives with the inevitable losses and difficulties that the demands of life places on each of us. We sisters have enriched the lives of each other and appreciate the love and support always there for us. We are so grateful for our parents and all that they did for us in guidance and nurturing.

We missed Jessie's bits of insightful observations and wisdom, and her bits of humor and fun.

We were only 60 miles from San Simeon where Andy and Marisol live so we called to see if they were home. Lucille and Carol had never seen where they live and it is such a unique and wonderful place. It is good to see what Andy and Marisol have done creating an outstanding property, adjacent to Hearst acreage. On entering one immediately notices the spaciousness, the stone and glass structure, the large infinity pool and the shimmering ocean beyond . . . impressive!

This beautiful home with it's green metal roof and large skylight fits in beautifully with it's surroundings, nestled there among the extensive avocado orchards on the slopes and summits of the mountains. Andy gave an open-air tour in his utility vehicle showing us the three reservoirs he uses for irrigation, the panoramic views of the ocean, a few other secluded homes, and the runway and hanger for his plane. We took the opportunity of getting a few fresh bay leaves from the large bay tree growing there. Marisol visited with us while some of the others were with Andy. Janet left the oranges she had brought and we took home some avocados.

We were happy that Deanne could come from Prescott to be with Lowell so that Carol could be with us, and also that Donna could be with Clyde while Peggy was away.

It was such a perfect trip . . . a beautiful time of year to travel . . . a beautiful place to stay . . . and beautiful people to be with . . . a superb trip!