Brief Memories of Grandpa and Grandma Chapman
By Monteen (August 15, 2007)

Blairsville is about 13-15 miles from where the Chapman farm was located, either in Dooly or Ivy Log, as the areas were quite close together. 

I had always thought Mother grew up poverty stricken, judging from their cornbread and milk suppers, Christmas stockings filled with an orange or nuts. 

Uncle Ed, as a child tore up a pattern Mother had for making a doll, which seemed traumatic to Mother.  Grandpa tanned the leather he used for making shoes the family wore. I'd like to see one of those shoes. 

 I imagine feeding a family of 12 and living in pioneer circumstances, with absolutely no modern conveniences must have taken plenty of resourcefulness (like making shoes). 

However Grandpa bought an organ for Mother to play and also had means to send Uncle Ed and Mother to normal school. They stayed by themselves in a cabin near the school, and our cousin Grace, who was with them was old enough to tell on them if they did something they shouldn't do. So Grandpa must have not been so poverty stricken after all.

Wish I could remember more of the memories my aunts and uncles discussed in their frequent visits to our house, always told with a bit of dry humor . . . I found it fascinating. They were quite verbal and loved to remember.