My Influence

by Hilary

January 16, 2002

(Note: Hilary is Max's step-granddaughter, the daughter of Janet's daughter, Colleen. Hilary was 14 when she wrote this.)

My grandpa Max is a great person and has helped me and other people all his life. He is always willing to help me and always makes me feel special. Whenever I have a problem whether it's for math or just a question he's always there with a positive answer. Everything he says makes the people around him a little smarter because he is filled with so much wisdom. He's not only a great influence on my life, but on everyone's life that he is associated with. He's definitely an important influence on my life.

He has influenced me to be more helpful because of all the times he's helped me. For example, when I was around seven years old I broke my finger while playing football with my older cousins. I was trying to catch the ball, but instead I missed and it popped my finger back. Grampa Max came to my rescue. He took me inside and got some ice for my finger and some ice cream for me! He sat me on his lap , told me funny stories and jokes, and magically pulled candy out of my ears, just to make me feel better. He could've been doing anything else, but instead he chose to sit with me! From that, I was inspired to be more helpful.

He has also influenced my listening skills. Whenever we go to my grandparents house for dinner, I always listen to Grampa Max talk. He tells all of us interesting stories about the war, my family, and he offers advice on everyday subjects. I pay attention to him as he talks because he knows how to keep me and everyone else in the room interested. I can ask him anything and I'm sure that he would know the answer. I've learned many things from him. Every time I leave his house I have learned something new, and it makes me feel good to know that he knows so much and that he's willing to share his knowledge with me.

He's also had a major influence on my heart and how to treat people. He's taught me so much about love and hurt and how one comment can turn someone's day around. Grampa Max says that if you treat people poorly that it hurts you as well as hurting them. The way he acts towards other people is a great influence, and it motivates me to do something nice for someone if they're having a bad day. He treats everyone equally even if they do bad things to him. I hope that I can do the same for others.

Grampa Max is a great person inside out and he makes me feel proud to be his granddaughter. He makes me feel confident in the things I do. I look to him as an example of how people should act and try to do the same. I was influenced by him in my heart and my mind. I'm a better person because of him and it makes me feel very lucky to be related to him. I know I'll turn out a better adult because of him.