A Home for Everyone


Monteen Purdie

April 2012 DOLOP Reunion, Springville, CA

Lindsey has cleverly outlined homes of primitive, tribal people for our t-shirt logo. The people from eons past no doubt loved their homes as we loved our homes.

We have the great privilege of creating our own homes. But rather elegant or humble, the essence of the home is the love and warmth found there. Homes have a special place within our hearts. It is where we grew up. It is where we belong. It is where we were cherished and protected, accepted and wanted. God created us to have homes. The birds have nests, the animals their dens and people their homes. We also have our heavenly home.

We have at least 43 homes represented here. Mother and Daddy, married in 1914, are responsible for establishing our first home.  Little did they foresee these numerous descendants -- close to 90 gathered today. Their home was based on Christian principles, and that sound heritage continues to bless us to this day. We are also equally blessed by the interaction with siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews and cousins in an ongoing basis.  These reunions give us a home to come back to and provide us with that “home for everyone.”

God bless our homes. God bless our families. And God bless this reunion—our “Home for Everyone.”

Blessed be the Ties that Bind.