The Acorn and the Oak Tree

by Monteen Purdie 

It is only a wee acorn,

sleek and firm,

Embellished with a turban of brown,

and it's resting there in the dust

of the earth,

Insignificant, seemingly inert . . .

Yet enshrined within that

little shell

Is the plan of an oak

I know full well.


Profound is this mystery,

before me I see

of a life force I do not

understand . . .

A hidden life, beyond my ken,

dormant . . . yet vital . . .

for awaiting within

Is a source of power

and surging growth

which will surely unfold

into a mighty oak . . .

Responding freely to the Creator's


from this small acorn

a tree will stand!


Oh, that my life might

as responsive be

in yielding to the plan

God has for me

And fulfill His purpose

as naturally

as this tiny acorn

and the huge oak tree!