DOLOP Reunions


DOLOP Reunion 2010, Anna & Terry's home,
Grass Valley, July 2-3.

Photos of Reunion 2010--Click on set you wish to view:
(1) by Wayne(2) by professional Photographer; (3) by Kris


History of DOLOP Reunions:
1991: June 28-30, Grass Valley
1997: July4-6, Grass Valley
2000: June 30-July 2, Grass Valley
2002: June 21-22, Chowchilla
2004: July 23-24, Eugene
2006: July 1-2, Grass Valley
2008: July 4-5, Chowchilla
2010: July 2-3, Grass Valley
2012: April 27-29, Springville

2015: June 20, Grass Valley

2017: October 6-8, Chowchilla

2020: July 10-12, Cottage Grove

DOLOP Reunion 2008, Hutson home,
Chowchilla, California, July 4-5

Photos of Reunion 2008 - - Click on set you wish to view: (1) by Suzy Simons; (2) by Julie L.;

(3) by Carol Fairley(4) by Kris Casparie; .

To read a report about Reunion 2008, go to Report of Reunion 2008.


Photos from Reunion 2006 in Grass Valley.

(1) By professional photographer as posted by Wayne;   (2) By Kris; (3) By Carol

July 1, 2006--Grass Valley


The 2006 logo was designed by JoAnn Hallum


The Heitz Barn, by Monteen

Sandi tells how this logo came to be:
The watercolor was created by Monteen not long after we moved out here to the farm. She was visiting us and I was walking around the property with her one day and we walked down behind our barn. I commented on how I loved the old dead madrone tree and how it cast an interesting shadow onto the barn in the afternoons. She had a camera with her on that walk and was taking pictures here and there and she proceeded to take a shot of the tree and the barn. I have to mention here that she was checking out several different angles: kneeling here, lying down on her side and shooting and then she completely surprised me by climbing up on the fence for a shot. I was worried that she might fall and amazed that someone her age would try that, but she just climbed right up there, teetered a bit and took her picture. Sometime after that visit, Lucille and I both received these beautiful watercolors of the picture she took. Each one is a bit different. And by the way, that old madrone is now gone, but thanks to Monteen, never forgotten. I came up with the idea of the barn painting as a way to honor this particular G-1 and as a momento of The Oregon DOLOP Reunion

Memories of Reunion 2002

This logo was designed by Molly and Audrey Callagher.

Passing the Torch to a New Generation, 2002


Memories of Reunion 2000

"Grandpa Wayne showing Grandson Jessie his place on the family descendant chart." Year 2000
Descendant Chart, 14 ft x 2 ft, 5 Generations, Nearly 100 Boxes


1997 Reunion, Grass Valley, July 4-6

The Barn and Book House by Monteen


Reunion 1991, Grass Valley

T-shirts designed by Joel

Logo by Lindsey Johnson

Here is a link to 151 photos from Kris: Photos from Kris

Here is a link to 289 photos by Linc (Ben’s father): Photos by Linc

“A Home for Everyone” a story of the 2012 logo, written by Monteen: A Home for Everyone

“Reunion 2012”, an overview of the reunion held at Bob’s house in Springville, California on April 27-29, 2012. Written by Joe.

“A Tribute to My Mother and Daddy” by Carol. Shared with the DOLOPs at Reunion 2012.


To view photos of past reunions go to Gallery of DOLOP Photos.

Photos of reunion in Ch0wchilla in 2017: